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Motherhood is such a precious time. And the time we actually spend raising our children is so short. Let me help you get off the ‘mother overload train’, so you can find balance, make big mindset shifts, mother with kindness, and manage stress well so you can live your best life. Be an intentional mom with a kickass career!


me wearing a pink blazer and smiling towards the camera. I am a social worker who offers private sessions.

Private Counselling

We can become disconnected from our values, needs, thoughts, emotions & even bodies. Let me help you reconnect and find healing. 

A women creating a beautiful linen vision board filled with photos. Board by Smart Cookies Collective

Private Coaching

A high-level 3 month program offering coaching support and mentorship from a mom & life coach with a masters degree in social work.

Mom sitting at her coffee table on the computer with a notebook.

Group Coaching For Moms

ReAligned is a program designed for moms who are longing for balance and looking to go from overwhelmed to empowered.


Best freebies for a stressed career-driven woman! 

Sign-up for a free Wellness Assessment where together we will create a roadmap highlighting areas of focus, so that you can achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.

As the CEO of your home it is important to have weekly ‘team meetings’. This weekly prep planner is designed to help you make your weeks a little more smooth.  


Yell No More Program for Moms

Yell No More!

Learn to become a calm, peaceful, NO yelling mama in 30 days, even when your kids are driving your crazy and you are feeling burnt out! A self-directed program so you can go at your own pace. 

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Here at Sarah Reckman & Co we are always creating something new. Stay tooned. 

We're In this together

You are not alone. It's ok to feel exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed. And I know you don't want things to stay that way. Let me help you get off that hamster wheel!