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Deep Breathing: How To Use Rectangle Breathing

just breathe - use rectangle breathing to find calm

Rectangle breathing is one of the easiest deep breathing exercises as it is discreet and rectangles are EVERYWHERE!

I use this deep breathing technique often and have been using it for over 11 years now. I have used it in situations such as tests, stressful sessions, job interviews, traffic etc. If you are interested in learning this skill I invite you to read the description below…

rectangle breathing, deep breathing

*Tip – when practicing deep breathing exercises it is usually best to breath in your nose and out of your mouth using pursed lips.

Start by looking at the bottom left corner of the white rectangle. As your eyes move up the left side of the rectangle breath in 2…3…4…. as your eyes move across the top hold your breath…2….3… then as your eyes begin to glide down the right side slowly exhale…2….3…4…. and finally as your eyes move across the bottom hold…2…3. You are now back at your starting point. I suggest you repeat the exercise at least 3 times or until you are feeling calm.

I invite you to practice now…

Notice the comforting heaviness that comes over your body as it begins to relax and your muscles become heavy and loose. Notice how your heart rate slows down and your thoughts are more present – you are here in this moment.

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