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Mom Refresh

Calling all stressed out working moms:

Are you longing to have more emotional energy for the things that matter most to you?

a stressed out working mom sitting on the floor in her suit with her laptop on the couch picking up colourful blocks

Are you a career-focused mama thinking any of the following?

  • How is a woman like me, with a loving husband, a supportive boss, healthy kids, and a good income, unable to manage the demands of having a career and a family?
  • I want to be a’good mom’ with a meaningful career but I just feel like everybody needs something from me and I have nothing left to give. 
  • I just long to find a way to experience balance so I don’t always feel like I am dropping a ball or letting someone down. 
  • I’m just so stressed out and overwhelmed, I don’t even know where to start!

You are not alone!

Did you know...

according to research done by Katrina Alcorn:
  • 80% of working moms catch up on work at night and on weekends
  • 81% worry they will burn out
  • 88% said they suffer from at least one stress-related health problem since becoming a working parent
  • 59% have problems with anxiety
  • 43% struggle with depression

It's time the world realized how maxed out we, this generation of working moms, have become.

It doesn't have to be this way

I'm going to tell you how...

Sign up for my

Mom Refresh Interactive Workshop

in this workshop you will learn… 

  • how to better manage your time/energy and create balance
  • how to overcome stress and fatigue 
  • how to make key mindset shifts so you can feel your absolute best 


And you will have the opportunity to connect with other moms who are going through the same things as you!

Virtual event

Thursday April 14, 2022 @ 7:30pm est. 

meet your coach sarah reckman. Sarah standing outside in a pink blazer looking at the camera

Meet your coach

Sarah Reckman

me sitting on a dirt road ready to have a mom to mom chat

Hey mamas, 

I am a career-focused mom. I am a certified life coach with a masters degree in social work and over 12 years of experience counselling. 

More importantly, I am a mom of two who knows how it feels to be completely drained with nothing left to give. A mom who feels guilty counting down the hours until bedtime. 

I love my kids beyond imagination AND as a career-focused mom I also have a passion for the work that I do. I want to be a working mom. This means I needed to find a way to feel balance, manage stress, set boundaries, and create systems that serve me and my family.   

I want to share what I have learned with you! 

Sign-up for the Interactive Workshop

Virtual event

Thursday April 14, 2022 @ 7:30pm est. 

It's Spring cleaning for your motherhood