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Counselling for Moms at Risk of or Experiencing Burnout

I know virtual counselling may feel different and even a little uncomfortable at first. I aim to help the mamas I support feel at ease by providing a calm strength, a sense of emotional safety, and a certainty of the hope that can be found even in the midst of life’s most difficult experiences.

Motherhood is hard. 

Motherhood is exhausting. 

Motherhood is always busy. 

Moms need to always put their kids needs first. 

so many moms believe these statements to be true. 

Motherhood doesn't have to be this way!

When we believe these statements for too long we are at risk of experiencing mom burnout. 

Burnout is defined by Emily & Amelia Nagoski as: 

  • Emotional exhaustion: the fatigue that comes from caring too much, for too long. (I think as moms we are susceptible to this as we are constantly ‘on’ when raising our little peanuts. We just have nothing left to give). 
  • Depersonalization: the depletion of empathy, care, and compassion.( I think this applies to both care for ourselves and others. We start to lose motivation). 
  • Decreased sense of accomplishment: an unconquerable sense of futility: feeling that nothing you do makes any difference. (#housework. I think as moms it is easy to feel stuck in the mundane tasks around housework, cooking, cleaning etc. Anyone else feel like groundhog day when they tidy the living room only to be destroyed the moment you turn your back or the endless amount of dishes to be washed?
Podcast episode: How do i stop yelling at my child? Mom sitting with her head in her hands looking stressed

The world needs women who can show up with compassion, insight, wisdom, and the ability to offer their best. But being a career-driven mom is complex and it’s tough to get there alone.

It’s easy to lose ourselves and fall into a pattern of going through the motions of the everyday #momlife. We can become disconnected from our values, needs, thoughts, emotions, desires, and even bodies. We become disconnected from ourselves.

Hurts, stress, unmet needs, and shame fight to get the attention, care and healing they need. 

the powerful truth is this...

once you become aware of what is holding you back and keeping you stuck in the same patterns, and the beliefs that you’ve internalized,

you can TRANSFORM them!


It’s okay to feel lost. 

It’s okay to not be ok. 

and wanting to find yourself again is the first step…

back to YOU.

sarah reckman twirling in a field playfully with a smile on her face

I empower career-driven women to ditch the “should’s”, shame, and limiting beliefs, and choose instead to tap into that tugging of their heart, reclaim lost energy, and unearth the passions that make them truly shine

I want to help you too!

Private Counselling Package

4 Month Package ($1,297)

+ 8 Individual sessions 

     * Kick-off Vision Session  (90 min) 

     * Followed by 7 bi-weekly sessions (50 min) 

+ What’s App support between sessions

+ Access to my Client Resources Library (resources, worksheets, past workshop recordings etc)

*Health Benefits receipt available for those in Ontario.