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Counselling Services

Counselling with Sarah MSW, RSW

I know virtual counselling may feel different and even a little uncomfortable at first. I want you to know that I aim to help the mamas I support feel at ease by providing a calm strength, a sense of emotional safety, and a certainty of the hope that can be found even in the midst of life’s most difficult experiences.

“I love my baby but when I get home from work, I just feel so overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions that I can’t wait until bedtime so I can finally relax”

“I can’t sleep, I struggle to feel motivated, and I keep having these scary thoughts about harm coming to my baby… what’s wrong with me?” 

“I’m a crappy mom, I can’t seem to do anything right… I’m just feeling done!”

If you can relate to any of these, I want you to know…  

You are here! You were courageous and showed up for yourself and your family by looking for support.

This means you are already a good mom – one who cares deeply for her child(ren), her relationships and her own wellbeing. You just need a little support. That’s why I am here. #inthistogether

About the Process

I know asking for help isn’t easy. So, I want to make sure you are at ease and have all your questions answered! This is a safe space. 



Each new client is offered a free 15 minute consultation to ensure that we are a good fit and to answer any questions you may have.



After the free consultation if you’re ready to take that first step we will book your intake session!



In your intake session we will determine a counselling plan which includes goals, needs, and number of sessions. See policies and FAQ for more details. 

Ready to do this together?

Still have questions? Keep reading! Below you will find my bio, counselling approach and FAQs 

A little about me

Hey mama, 

I’m Sarah. I love chai tea lattes, the beauty of fall, anything wine, and catching snowflakes on my tongue. You can either find me counselling, as I am a social worker with over 10 year of experience in mental health (with a specialization in CBT & DBT), or chasing 2 little girls around who love life!  I’m on this beautiful journey, reclaiming freedom from anxiety, pursuing a meaningful career, and embracing each new stage of motherhood.

I created The Wholehearted Mom blog in order to invite mamas into this journey with me and to support moms who are experiencing stress, anxiety and mom burnout. My passion is for moms to be able to embrace calm, and declare abundance, clarity, and joy over their life and motherhood. I invite you to join us!  

mom blogger sitting on her counter feeling free from stress and worry

My Counselling Approach

Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is such a beautiful blessing and comes with many demands and expectations. Many times we are able to manage the challenges we face or to quickly bounce back from them (resiliency). However, sometimes it is just too much and they overcome us. You may feel too exhausted to keep fighting because you are stressed, burnt out, feeling alone, or battling a mental illness. There is hope! 

We know that counselling isn’t going to make your worries, fears, and problems disappear or make your baby sleep through the night or your boss be more understanding of mom work-life balance. 

But together we can work on skills and strategies to help you cope and manage, find creative ways to build up your resiliency using your strengths, and journey together towards a place or radical acceptance (DBT term) and healing. 

I seek to help my clients feel at ease by offering a peaceful atmosphere, a calm strength, and safe emotional space in which healing is encouraged to happen and hope is renewed. 

Our focus is to help you make behavioural,  emotional, and mindset changes so that your actions reflect a life that has: more meaning, authentic connections, balance and fullness. Shifting from living according to others’ acceptance, fear of judgement, expectations and norms; to become more genuine, more present, intentional, loving and creative.

It is very important to me that my clients feel respected as mutual partners in the counselling process. I aim to co-create with each client as a way of working together that acknowledges and respects your needs and preferences.  I aim to be intentional and genuine in everything I do.

I come from a perspective of valuing each individual’s wisdom and intuition about themselves and their situation, knowing that the experience, skills and objective perspective that I offer can be of great value in times of distress, confusion, or loneliness.

My Counselling Services

I currently offer individual counselling for moms who are struggling with anxiety, stress, and burnout. I provide bi-weekly or monthly sessions for about 6-8 sessions, with the option of extending. We can be flexible to your needs and insurance coverage, if applicable. I am specifically trained in and use a blend of various approaches including CBT, DBT and crisis management. 

I have particular expertise working with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress management and burnout
  • New mom adjustment  


Ready to do this together?