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Grounded in your roots

When I say ‘being grounded in your roots’ I am referring to embracing The Simple Life. The Simple Life is something I strive for. And I will clarify that although it’s called simple that doesn’t mean it is easy! In fact, many times it takes more time and energy but I believe it is what is right, just, and serves our souls on a deeper level. I believe the simple life encompasses minimalism, sustainable and responsible living, and living in community.

In my journey towards becoming a Wholehearted Mom I have gained a deep appreciation for a minimal lifestyle for the sake of enjoying more of what matters to me and my family. This includes simplifying my home, time, and mindset.

I believe a Wholehearted mom is a homemaker. She makes the time to create. As I work to embody homemaker, I have inquired a new passion for learning traditional skills such as knitting, baking from scratch, canning, sewing, and gardening. Not only do these skills help me to take care of my family well they also give me a therapeutic outlet. They allow me to be creative and teach me patience, focus, and dedication.

I also believe that a Wholehearted mom not only takes care of herself and her family, but also the earth she inhabits. She values all that mother earth blesses her with – food, fresh air, delight, and beauty. And makes decisions and purchases that align with her value to be sustainable and responsible. #shoplocal