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The Business of Motherhood

Working moms are superwomen! As a working mom your greatest desire and need is balance. We crave for things to be balanced and simple. As an organizing queen and system guru, I have a huge passion for supporting other high achieving working moms in embracing minimalism, creating systems that work for them, and finding simple yet practical ways of organizing their home and life. 

#1: Embrace a minimalism mindset & define what that looks like for you. 

#2: Declutter! Whether you are a fan of the ‘Home Edit’, Allie Casazza, or Marie Kondo, you need to find a declutter method that works for you.  

#3: Organize! Take the things that are left, that bring you joy and serve a purpose, and find each of them a place. When organizing you want to think about layout, containment, categories, and sustainable. Things need to be practical and simple. 

#4: Create systems. Creating systems are what help us to maintain our minimalistic lifestyle, find the balance we crave, and keep things simple.

Giving us more time for the things that matter most.  

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