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Fall: A Season of Mixed Emotions & Rejuvenation

Blog post - fall is a season of mixed emotions

What does the season of fall represent for you?

Today is one of my favourite days…. the first day of fall!

Who else loves warm tea, cozy sweaters, crisp air, and PUMPKINS?!?

If you know me you know I am obsessed with pumpkin and all things fall… it makes me giddy!

Not only is fall beautiful on so many levels, it is filled with symbolism. Have you ever heard someone say I am filled with ‘mixed emotions’? 

Well, that is Fall. For some, fall brings excitement, adventure, and new beginnings as the school season begins while for others fall is a season of change and letting go as if mirroring creation around us. And for too many people fall is a season of dread or grief as summer ends and they anxiously anticipate winter; a period of darkness and gloom.

ps. In celebration of the first day of fall I have included, below, a PUMPKIN anti-stress putty recipe just for you!

what does the season of fall symbolize for you?

"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go..."

Anyone who knew me growing up knew I was a little bit of a ‘nerd’ (ok maybe a lot) and I was ok with that. Although life has changed significantly for me and I have grown and changed so much since those days, I still love to tap into that confident, innocent, carefree, child-at-heart girl and engage life in a playful way.

I love taking simple moments to truly enjoy this beautiful creation around us.

What do I mean by this? Well lets just say that on a winter day when big fat snowflakes are falling slowly out of the sky, I am that adult who is walking down the snow covered street with my head thrown back, mouth wide open, and a big grin on my face, waiting to catch a snowflake on my tongue.

And on a sunny fall day while out on a walk with my family I am intentionally and carefully stepping on every crisp leaf laying on the side walk just so I can hear it crunch under my feet.

So what does fall mean for this leaf crunching, cozy sweater wearing, tea drinking child-at-heart, girl?

Fall is a season of reflection and grounding.

For me, summer is a season of playing hard and spending all your pent up energy outdoors, while fall is a season of rejuvenation and reflection as you prepare for the darkness of winter. (side note: I am also crazy about winter and snow but I continue to describe it as a season of darkness as I know that statistically and personally it can be a really hard season for those with mental illness).

So as fall begins, I encourage you to make these next couple months a journey of rejuvenation and reflection so you can ‘fill your tank’ for the potentially challenging season ahead.

A great place to start is meditation.

A Season of Mixed Emotions

In celebration of the first day of fall I have included a PUMPKIN anti-stress putty recipe just for you!

stress putty that smells amazing pumpkin style

video here incase you are a visual learner.

My hope for you this season is that you will make it a priority to take time out of your busy schedule to ‘fill up your cup’, spend time doing things you love, and soak up all that is left of the sunshine before the darkness of winter sets in. May this be a season of rest, rejuvenation, and peacefulness. 

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Free Recipe pumpkin anti-stress putty
learning to accept change and find rest
free pumpkin anti-stress putty recipe

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