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Transforming Your Mom Life One Step at a Time

Podcast episode Mommy Makeover: Transforming Your Life One Step at a Time. Sarah Reckman sitting on the couch ready to offer a listening ear.
Transforming Your Mom Life One Step at a Time. Episode 30 with Sarah Reckman

Welcome to The Wholehearted Mom Podcast! It’s almost our 1 year anniversary!

I am host, Sarah Reckman, social worker, life coach, and mom. I help working moms heal from the impact of stress and burnout so they can restore more balance to their life. Creating more ease and flow in their everyday #momlife.

This is a unique episode as it is based on my Workshop – Mom Refresh and is a 2 part series.

In this episode:

* we will explore the top 3 problems moms identified  

* I will share my not so secret 3 part formula for change

* I will share the stories of 3 moms’ lives and how they navigated this formula to make life lighter and more freeing.

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Sarah Reckman

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