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Motherhood and Faith

Podcast guest Lauren Hargrove sharing all about motherhood and faith.
Lauren Hargrove smiling towards the camera in a flowery shirt. She is the guest on this episode talking all about motherhood and faith

Welcome to The Wholehearted Mom Podcast! Today on the podcast I had the privilege of interviewing the lovely Lauren Hargrove. Lauren co-Pastors a church plant, Gravetop Church, alongside her husband Homer in SA, TX. 

They have 3 beautiful children and have been married 10 years. She leads a group called Gravetop Moms where she help moms find hope in Gods word and discover the power of life giving community! Lauren truly desires mothers to know they’re not alone and are truly an amazing mother!

In this episode Lauren is going to share her wisdom with us on:

+ why there is no perfect mom

+ the importance of community

+ the importance of depending on the Grace of God





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Sarah Reckman