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Self-leadership: It Starts With You!

Ashlee Livingstone, founder of Our forte is on the podcast sharing all about self-leadership
Ashlee Livingstone talks about self-leadership and boundaries on the podcast The Wholehearted Mom

Today I get to interview the lovely Ashlee Livingstone. Ashlee is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur who loves the life she has designed for herself. She considers herself to be creative, passionate, sassy & focused on making a positive impact.

Here is a little more about Ashlee:

“At one point (or many points) in my life if you had asked me what my future looks like I knew I wanted it to involve great love and freedom, but I was living from a place of survival and stuck with old stories, so I never thought it possible. When I had my son, I saw so much possibility for him. It was like holding a mirror to myself. I saw myself in him & I realized that if I wanted

him to dream, reach for his goals, live his best life without fear, comparison, judgment & full of confidence then I had to set the example. And I couldn’t just read a book about it……I had to do something about it.

Since then, I have shed old stories, set new goals, faced new fears & live the life I was meant to live but it didn’t come without asking for help.  In my business @ourforte I pay it forward. I help people go from where they are to where they want to be. My goal is to help people find the joy within themselves, in their jobs, their teams & lives.  I love being a witness to other people’s growth, watching them release old stories & step into who they want to be & how they want to live”.

In this episode Ashlee talks about why self leadership is such an important skill to develop, what steps you can take to develop your self-leadership, and how boundaries can be one of those amazing tools in your life.  



Instagram: @Ashlee.Livingstone, @OurForte  



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Sarah Reckman

Episode #11: Self-Leadership. It Starts With You!


Time Management

“I usually start with time management because when you can truly get in control of your time and you feel confident in how you’ve scheduled your priorities, you can show up so much stronger.

And that, that sense of, “I got this”, is such a gift and really makes going through your days, weeks, & months, with ease.”


“We talk about boundaries a lot with our kids or with respect to our bosses at work or our team members, but a lot of us don’t truly understand what boundaries are and how to use them.

We think that we set a boundary in our head. For example: I don’t want my boss calling me on the weekend. Or I’m not doing work on the weekend.

And then our boss calls us on the weekend, and we take the phone call. We are upset at our boss for calling on the weekend. But…

really boundaries are ours to create. They’re ours to communicate and they’re ours to hold.

The stories we tell ourselves

“we really start looking at all the stories that you’ve been told over the years.

All of those stories about why you can’t. Or why motherhood is hard. All of those stories that stop you from taking action, right?

All of the things that you say are external such as I can’t get that promotion because my boss or I can’t have a quiet bath because my kids will bug me, or I can’t do this, I can’t do that. Those are all stories.

I often challenge my clients to really look at whose story is it?

Who’s told you that story and why do you believe you can’t

What other stories are coming from that? What would happen if everything was actually great and you had nothing to complain about?

Like how freeing! It’s so possible. And I really like to shift people’s perspective from, I can’t, to how can I?”

Rapid Fire Questions:

#1 - As a mom, what is one thing that you're longing for?

Connection. I feel so much of value and peace when I feel very connected to my family. 

#2 - As a working mom, what keeps you up at night?

School lunches. Yes. Oh my goodness. Did I do it? Can I do it in the morning? Should I do it now? And the amount of time I spent thinking about when to do the lunches, I probably could have just got it done.

#3 - What is one lesson that you have learned along the way that is important to pass on to other working moms?

That it is empowering to really say no to something that does not feel in alignment with what your goals are.