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Welcome: Who We Are & Why You Need To Be Here!

welcome. Who we are and why you need to be here. Episode 1 of the Wholehearted Mom Podcast

Welcome to The Wholehearted Mom Podcast! It’s our launch season and I am so honoured to have you here. You’ll be glad you joined. 

In this introduction: 

  • You will learn a little about me 
  • Why I started the Wholehearted Mom Podcast 
  • What you can expect
  • What we can achieve here together 
  • How you can take your motherhood to the next level

Since we’re new here, will you help spread the word? Here’s what you can do to help a mama out: 

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  • Hit subscribe/follow so you never miss an episode. Shows will be released on Tuesdays. 
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I appreciate you so much for showing up and joining this amazing working mom community we are starting. Thanks for listening and for your support. 


Sarah Reckman

Episode # 1 - Welcome: Who We Are & Why you Need to Be Here

Hey everyone,  I’m so excited to welcome you to the very first episode of this new podcast The Wholehearted Mom. To celebrate the launch of the new show, I wanted to share a bit of my own mom story and take a minute to introduce myself as your host.

I would say the story that led me here to my new coaching business Sarah Reckman & Co. and this podcast actually started before I became a mom. It started when I was about 5 years old. You see, I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I just loved hosting garage sales and setting up lemonade stands at the end of my driveway. It is embarrassing to say that I even set up a lemonade and bake sale at the end of my driveway in Grade 9. Yes I may have a little nerdy side to me, and I love it! Although I always knew my career path was connected to social work, I still had that pull at my heart to be an entrepreneur which lead me to selling make-up and tea through companies such as Mary Kay and Steeped Tea. 

Although I had fun doing the whole house party sales thing… neither of these adventures filled my soul in the way that I was searching for. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I started to uncover my true passion. Dang was I thrown off when that tiny little bundle of joy arrived and turned everything I knew and was good at upside down. I am naturally a very organized, logical, and system oriented person – as you likely know a newborn baby cares about none of those things. While on mat leave I also began to feel really alone, craving adult connection. 

When it was time to go back to work, boy was I ready! Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom AND I also love having a meaningful career. I knew in my heart that I was not wired to be a stay-at-home-mom forever. And so I was excited to begin my journey as a working mom. Whew I soon realized that is no easy feat. And we live in a culture that does not offer moms the space or freedom to feel like they can be a good mom and have a meaningful career. It was this season in my life that gave me a passion to love, support, encourage, and guide other working moms. Hence my new target audience, you, career-focused working moms. Boy do I commend you for all you do and hope to help you make life simpler, balanced, and more joy-filled.

A Hard Chapter...

The next chapter of my journey was a really challenging one that actually changed my life forever which I will forever grieve and be thankful for. After my second child was born, coupled with some stressful life circumstances, I developed postpartum anxiety. 

Over the next 4 years I experienced my darkest moments as a mom, stumbled, grew, and experienced healing. It was a journey filled with both messy and beautiful moments. One of the things I am most thankful for from this hard season is that I not only have the professional expertise to counsel and guide but I also now have lived experience. One of life’s greatest teachers. It was through this journey that Sarah Reckman & Co was born. 

All of my schooling, and career paths, my entrepreneur spirit, and my lived experience led me to this moment and this coaching business. I don’t want other working moms to have to go through what I went through. I don’t want other working moms to have to feel as lonely as I did. I want to teach the mindset shifts, tools, strategies, and resources that I needed when I was going through my postpartum/ mom burnout rollercoaster. 

The Problem

Today, we live in a challenging culture; one that is fast-paced, demanding, promotes independence, and perfection and strives relentlessly for a socially constructed view of success. 

I believe that in many cases we have gotten turned backwards and upside down. Our current culture also shames women for their bodies and their parenting leaving many moms feeling like they are not enough. Not fit enough, not calm enough, not organized, not good enough. 

So many moms have told me that they are longing to be a good mom with a meaningful career. 

Unfortunately many moms have also told me…

“I can’t do it all. Everybody needs something from me. I just need to find balance” 

“Being a mom has to be more than cooking, cleaning, laundry, and managing every else’s problems”

“I feel guilty & overwhelmed because something has to be sacrificed to make it all work.” 

“I never get time for myself. I can’t even remember the last time I ate my meal hot or actually had time to wash my hair. 

“It always feels like I am just reacting to life instead of feeling in control of it”

“Am I good enough? Am I parenting right? Am I making the right sacrifices?

If you are a mom who feels overwhelmed by the expectations of hustle mom culture and are longing for something more balanced, simple, and joy-filled. 

You are meant to be here and I want to journey with you. To teach you, encourage you, and learn from you. 

If you know me you know I love to research, learn, and discover answers to problems. So during these 4 years when I was struggling with postpartum anxiety and then mom burnout I read and learned all the things. And I found the secret to a motherhood that is simpler, balanced, and more joy-filled. The answer is becoming or embodying what it means to be a wholehearted mom. 

What Is A Wholehearted Mom?

You might be thinking ok, so what exactly does Wholehearted Mom mean? And even more so, what does it look and feel like? Let’s take a deeper look at what that term really means and why I fell in love with it.  

Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself. I feel like I need to preface with this… becoming a wholehearted mom is a journey not a destination. Wholehearted Mom is the North star guiding us on this journey called motherhood. And although we will never fully reach the North star if we journey with the North star as our guidepost we will experience a motherhood of calm, clarity, abundance & joy.

Ok now for my vision of what is means to become a wholehearted mom.

A wholehearted mom is…

  • Is able to let go of what others think and embrace her authentic self. 
  • Gives herself permission to complete the stress cycle and turns inward with kindness and compassion. 
  • Is aware of her inner world and needs
  • Has the courage to express those needs 
  • Embraces vulnerability
  • Has kindness, gentleness, and wisdom flowing from her. 
  • Lives with intention and is thoughtful  
  • Has good boundaries
  • Can embrace imperfect action feeling free from perfectionism. 
  • Is calm even when she feels stressed or overwhelmed
  • And when she isn’t calm she is able to gracefully apologize
  • Appreciates a minimal lifestyle for the sake of enjoying more of what matters
  • Radiates beauty because she knows her value
  • Owns her story, heartaches and challenges
  • Strives to do her best but not perfection
  • Free from shame and harnesses guilt to do better next time 
  • Has the courage to advocate for what matters to her
  • Smiles often – because kindness and positivity go a long way
  • Is grounded in her relationships
  • Enjoys being organized but is not rigid 
  • Is creative – I believe we were all meant to create 
  • Moves through life with an abundance mindset
  • Take pride in caring for herself and her home
  • And lastly, a wholehearted mom parents from a place of love, belonging and courage.


I know that the vision I just shared for becoming a wholehearted mom sounds amazing and daunting. Maybe a little out of reach. 

I am here to help.

From this podcast you can expect to be offered many of the pieces to this Wholehearted Mom puzzle in bite sized chunks. This means short episodes that are packed full of goodness. I will share tools, resources, strategies, stories from other moms just like you, and walk you through big mindset shifts. I will also call you to take action and give you next steps. All you need to do? Is implement. Take that aligned action. 

In my coaching I often use the business framework of mindset + strategy + action = results or desired change. I know just having all the pieces isn’t always enough for us to implement well and to truly see those long lasting results we are longing for. I can help you there too! 

That is why I have created an amazing (if i do say so myself) group coaching program for working moms and offer private coaching packages. I want to help you go from surviving to thriving in your motherhood and career. If you feel like you may need some help implementing all that you learn here on The Wholehearted Mom Podcast then let’s connect through a free coaching consult and find out how I can help you get to where you want to be so you can make life simpler, balanced, and more joy-filled.        

Until next time

Thanks so much for hanging out with me! If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you, or how you can implement all these things and more into your life to make it simpler, freer, and more abundant, head to 

If you’ve enjoyed this episode be sure to share it with someone you think would love it! Also please leave us a review! Your ratings & reviews help more moms like you find this podcast. 

Mama, remember you don’t have to do it alone. See you next time! I’m Sarah Reckman and this is The Wholehearted Mom Podcast.

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