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Did you know, You are already so worthy and capable of creating a life that you are on fire to live? And that all you need to do is say YES to it?

As a woman your life can get crowded with overwhelming to-do lists, unattainable expectations, and the pressure to do all the things and do them well. You often put your own needs and desires on hold and lose sight of what makes you, YOU. You can easily get stuck in the messiness of “not enough”.

What women like you really want is...

  • more growth,

  • more fulfillment, 

  • more meaning, 

  • and more impact. 

  • To have the time and emotional energy to show up as your best self at work and home. 

Not sure where to start?

I got you!

Best Freebies For A Stressed Career-Driven Woman!

Before you can begin to make the changes you long for, you need to know where you are. Assess your stress and wellness Levels so you can discover your path to balance and peace.

As the CEO of your home it is important to have weekly ‘team meetings’. This weekly prep planner is designed to help you make your weeks a little more smooth.  

Let's get started on restoring balance to your life...

me wearing a pink blazer and smiling towards the camera. I am a social worker who offers private sessions.

Private Services

We can become disconnected from our values, needs, thoughts, emotions & bodies. Let me help you reconnect and find healing.

Mom sitting at her coffee table on the computer with a notebook.

Group Coaching

ReAligned is a program designed for moms who are longing for balance and looking to go from overwhelmed to empowered.

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